Care for Your INFINITI Car Engine in San Diego, CA

Kearny Mesa INFINITI is the INFINITI dealership San Diego and Kearny Mesa, CA, customers rely on for all their INFINITI vehicle needs. We take pride in our inventory of the latest INFINITI cars, but we’re also a dedicated car-care partner. Leave your vehicle’s important components, including the engine, to our top-notch INFINITI technicians.

Engine Wear

It’s hard to overemphasize how important your INFINITI vehicle’s engine is. Of course, just like every other component in your automobile, the engine won’t last forever. To the average driver, signs of wear aren’t always obvious. But that’s why observing a regular maintenance schedule at our INFINITI service center is important.

During your service visits, our technicians can monitor the four types of engine wear:

Abrasive wear is a result of external contaminants making their way inside the engine components and causing grinding and wear.

Corrosive wear, also known as chemical wear, is chemical damage resulting from chemicals attacking metal surfaces in your engine.

Our technicians can also keep an eye out for signs of adhesive wear, which happens when metal parts wear against each other because of high speeds, temperatures, or other factors.

There’s also fatigue wear, which happens because of fractures that form as a result of stress on lubricated engine component surfaces.

You don’t have to worry about figuring out the kind of wear your engine may be demonstrating. Leave that to the seasoned technicians at our California INFINITI dealership.


Why Service at Kearny Mesa INFINITI?

We know that our customers take pride in their INFINITI vehicles, and you’ll find this same pride and dedication from our seasoned, factory-trained technicians. Our service center professionals can handle all of your vehicle needs, from a simple oil change to a more involved engine repair. You can rest assured knowing that our team uses only genuine INFINITI parts. While you wait for your vehicle, you can take advantage of our comfortable guest lounge and loaner vehicle service. Don’t forget to get your complimentary car wash on your way out. And if you’re in a pinch, you can visit our express service center without booking an appointment.

Whatever you need, whether that’s car engine repair or general service, trust all your maintenance needs with your local San Diego INFINITI dealers.