Service Your INFINITI Car at Kearny Mesa INFINITI

At our San Diego, CA INFINITI dealership, our passion is providing area drivers high-quality cars that fulfill all their everyday needs as well as adding a healthy dash of luxury to their lives. A stellar inventory of new INFINITI cars for sale isn’t all that we offer at Kearny Mesa INFINITI—you can also depend on us for all your service needs. We want every day you drive your beloved INFINITI SUV to be a joy, and when you have a service center you can count on, that becomes much easier.

Why It’s Important to Keep Up with Vehicle Maintenance

Your car is a complicated machine with many working parts, and to keep it performing at its best, you need to keep those parts in good condition. Routine maintenance allows your car to keep running smoothly and safely mile after mile, saving you money on costly repairs and ensuring a more healthy and enjoyable life for you and your car. Some essential routine maintenance includes oil changes, brake inspections and repairs, and tire rotations.

Oil changes are an invaluable part of keeping your car healthy, allowing your engine to run coolly and cleanly and preventing corrosion.

You know how essential of a component your brakes are to your safety, so get them checked regularly and go to a service center you can trust as soon as you notice a problem.

Tire rotation is another service that helps your car perform better, prolongs the life of your tires, keeps you safer, and also helps fuel economy.

At Kearny Mesa INFINITI, we understand the importance of routine maintenance and we love maintaining terrific cars like the INFINITI QX50 and INFINITI Q60 at 4670 Convoy St in San Diego, CA!

Service Center

When you arrive at our INFINITI service center, you can count on a top-notch experience in regards to both expertise and customer treatment. Our number one goal is to provide you quality service while also working quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your life.

You can visit us six days a week—Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm as well as Saturdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, so it’s easier to find a time that works for you. If you’re really strapped for time, you can use our INFINITI Express service and be done within the hour. Go ahead and schedule an INFINITI service appointment on our website so we can begin helping you soon! We offer oil changes, filter changes, brake repair, tire rotation, and many more services!

We love putting drivers in a new or pre-owned INFINITI car, but whether you bought your vehicle from us or not, we’re dedicated to keeping it in pristine condition for as long as you own it.