In-Car Technology Explained At Kearny Mesa INFINITI

In-car technology has really come a long way since the very first automobiles hit the road many years ago. Today’s modern vehicles contain hundreds of advanced features designed to make the automobile safer, more efficient, and more fun to drive than ever before. Here at Kearny Mesa INFINITI, your trusted INFINITI dealership serving San Diego, our vehicles contain state-of-the art technology designed for these very reasons. We think it is important for consumers to understand the technology that is present in today’s modern vehicle so they can better understand the capabilities of their car while headed down the road.

Powertrains, Fuel Efficiency, and Safety Features

  • Intelligent all-wheel drive – Debuting in late 2000’s model vehicles, the intelligent all-wheel drive system automatically varies the amount of torque sent to the individual wheels. In good road conditions, torque is sent mainly to the rear wheels to increase performance. In bad road conditions, torque is automatically shifted to the front wheels to increase handling.
  • Adaptive Shift Control – First appearing in new vehicles nearly 20 years ago, adaptive shift control uses a complex algorithm to recognize individual driving styles, and adjusts the transmission shift parameters accordingly. This provides more responsive and efficient shifting.
  • Brake Assist – This useful technology first appeared in new vehicles in the late 90’s. It helps drivers stop faster in emergency situations by sensing “panic stops”, and applying full braking power to stop the vehicle even when the brake pedal is not fully depressed.
  • Hill Start Assist – This feature helps to prevent the car from rolling backwards when the brake pedal is released while on an incline. The system keeps the brakes applied for a few seconds when the brake pedal is released on an incline, giving the driver time to apply the gas.

Entertainment and Convenience

  • Intelligent Key System – This handy feature was first introduced in the late 90’s, and allows drivers to lock, unlock, and start their vehicle while the key remains in their pocket. The system signals the vehicle to lock and unlock when the driver presses a sensor on the door, and allows the vehicle to start with the press of a button.
  • Voice-activated Navigation – Voice activation has been around for some time now, but recently the system has become advanced enough to allow drivers to receive directions, reply to email and text messages, and even make dinner reservations through the use of voice commands. This system is becoming increasingly popular in today’s modern vehicles.

As you can see, today’s technology has changed the way that vehicles are driven. The numerous performance and convenience technologies have taken most of the hassle out of driving, creating a safer and more entertaining driving experience. At Kearny Measa INFINITI, we’re excited to offer new INFINITI cars with these advanced technology features and more. Stop on by our San Diego INFINITI dealership and take a look at our selection of new and pre owned INFINITI vehicles, and learn more about the technologies contained within. Our experienced INFINITI dealers look forward to assisting you with your next vehicle purchase!