When to Get an Oil Change at Kearny Mesa INFINITI

Oil Change

If you want to keep the new INFINITI car that you love running like new years into the future, Kearny Mesa INFINITI is the place to be. The experts at our service center are dedicated to maintaining your car through a variety of services, including the incredibly important but sometimes ignored oil change. Our INFINITI dealership serving Carlsbad, CA is happy to answer all your service questions.

Changing Your Oil

You probably know that oil changes are important, but you might not fully realize how important it is to get them routinely and not let them fall by the wayside. Your engine works hard to get you where you’re going, and over time, the lubricating oil in your engine that keeps it cool and running smoothly becomes contaminated with dirt and dust. When this happens, your oil can no longer perform its job, and that will result in a lot of friction occurring between your engine’s many working parts.

To keep your machine running smoothly, get your oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles by a professional by making an INFINITI service appointment at our service center. When you let us perform this fairly simple and quick service, your INFINITI SUV or car can perform to its maximum potential.

What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Oil?

When your oil is old and your engines parts grind together without lubrication, you’re guaranteeing yourself a less enjoyable driving experience, as well as risking serious damage. Old oil means your car won’t be running smoothly or efficiently, so you’ll end up spending more money on frequent trips to the gas station, plus you risk overheating and doing serious damage to your engine. The farther you drive with old, grimy oil, the worse that it gets. Not only will you be spending more money at the pump, you might incur very costly damages to your engine, and you will decrease the overall lifespan of your car.

We always have a series of specials going at our INFINITI service center so you can get a great deal on keeping your INFINITI car in immaculate condition, whether you need an oil change, filter replacement, or tire rotation. We love introducing drivers near San Diego, CA to the terrific lineup of INFINITI cars for sale at our dealership located at 4670 Convoy St., and we want to keep your dream car running like it should for many years to come. See you soon!